EBARA corporation (Japan)

  • CMP: Metal, Dielectric CMP
  • Plating: Metal plating

Advanced Ion Beam Technology, Inc. (Taiwan)

  • Ion Implantation: Ion Implanter (A Hermes-Epitek subsidiary company)

Sumitomo (Japan)

  • Ion Implantation: Ion Implanters and Plasma Doping

Mycronic AB (Sweden)

  • Leading supplier of production solutions to the electronics industry
  • Pattern Generators: Display, Semiconductor, Touch Panels and Advanced Packaging
  • Surface Mount Technology Equipment: Placement, Jet Printing and Component Storage

Boston Process Technologies, Inc. (United States)

Fluxless Solder Bumping Processors

  • Fluxless solder ball mount & rework
  • Fluxless solder reflow
  • Wafer level inspection

Camtek Ltd.(Israel)

  • Inspection: Macro defect & 3D Metrology

Benchmark Technologies (United States)

  • Lithography: Reticles/Masks; Focus Analysis tool; Software

Fujikin Incorporated (Japan)

  • Parts: FCS ( Flow Control System ), IGS (Integrated Gas System )

Cowin DST CO, LTD. (Korea)

  • FPD: Light Leakage Repair System; Pad Pattern Repair System; Half Tone Photo Mask Repair System
  • PV: Laser Selective Emitter Doping & Real Metal Contact
  • TSP: Laser Direct Patterning System; Cover Glass Hole Drilling & Edge Polishing System


  • Equipment: LED Laser Scriber, LED/PV Ingot Diamond Wire Saw

Zhejiang Jingsheng Mechanical & Electrical Co. Ltd. (China)

  • Equipment: Automatic Crystal Growing Furnace

Bruker Co. LTD. (United States)

X-ray Based Metrology and Elemental Analysis solutions

  • AFM (Atomic Force Microscope)
  • X-ray Metrology Solutions
  • Micro & Nano CT
  • Optical Metrology Solutions

Tricorn (Taiwan)

  • VOC / AMC detector in manufacturing environment with sub-ppb level of capability.

TC TECH Sweden AB (Sweden)

A patented unique system for the production of light guide plates

  • TCP 1000 HT/HP; 150 HPE; 100 HP
  • TCP EE, Edge Embossing

ORC (Japan)

  • Stepper : Bump, Cu Post, RDL, TSV
  • lamp : UV lamp

Taiwan Electron Microscope Instrument Corporation (Taiwan)

Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope & Liquid-Phase Inspection Modules

  • Desktop SEM & Liquid-Phase Inspection Modules
  • BEI + STEM analysis
  • Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) for elemental analysis
  • Software for 3D view and surface roughness measurement functions


ASM Pacific Technology Limited (ASMPT) is a leading integrated solutions provider in Semiconductor and Electronics industries. We have three business segments – Back-end Equipment, Materials, and NEXX Products….

NvisANA (Korea)

Wafer Impurity Contamination Monitoring System

  • In-Line Wafer Metallic Contamination Monitoring System
  • In-Line Wafer Ionic Contamination Monitoring System
  • In-Line Wafer Organic Contamination Monitoring System
  • Automated Metallic Impurity Monitoring System For Gas and Chemical

Ast Ltd. (Taiwan)

  • LED E-Beam Evaporator: Metal, ITO Film Evaporator.
  • LED Spin Coater/Developer: Photo Resist Spin Coater/Developer
  • LED Plasma Etcher/Stripper: Sapphire, Mesa ICP Etcher.
  • LED Wafer Bonder

CAPRES A/S (Denmark)

Micro- and Nano Scale Electrical Metrology

  • Ultra thin films sheet resistance and HALL mobility in-line monitoring: microRSP, microHALL
  • MRAM and magnetic R/W head, tunneling resistance and magneto-resistance measurement: CIPTech


YESIANG Enterprise Co., Ltd.